Dynamic pages in zoho creator

How to dynamically display images in Zoho Creator HTML Pages

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we will look at how to display an image in a page using HTML snippet that is already uploaded using another Zoho Creator form. Now, let’s see how to dynamically display images in the HTML Page. Create a custom button in the report. Add deluge openurl task to the custom button action (report workflow). Please note that we are passing the record id as an argument to the parameter name product_id in the url, which can be accessed in the …

How to send email with multiple attachments from Zoho Creator application

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We have come across different scenarios where we have deal with more than one attachments to be included as part of sendmail task in Zoho creator application. One of the example is, A bespoke enquiry management application which has capability to send out emails to the enquiries from the app as part that process the person dealing with enquire will attach multiple documents, forms to fill to the email’s attachment file upload subform. Unfortunately Zoho creator doesn’t support dynamic file …